Australian-born songwriter Kate Gilbertson blends rhythmic and fingerpicking guitar with pervading vocals to create a captivating style that closely echoes fellow troubadours Joni Mitchell, Jewel and Laura Marling.

Now a Belfast local, the young Australian singer shares her tales of love, loss and self-discovery from her solo journey across the world with raw sincerity.

Gilbertson’s debut came in 2012 when she was chosen to support Passenger. Since she has been honing her unique style that fuses her Australian country roots with haunting Irish overtones.

Immediately there was something about her. Her songs tell stories of strength, comfort and resilience to create a home wherever she is.” – Bearded Radio UK

The sharp strums of the acoustic guitar coupled with the meaningful lyrics of her songs channel Gilbertson’s emotions and provide such a pleasurable listening experience for the crowd.” – Chordblossom, Belfast UK


Singles – “Will You Wait”, “Over Oceans”, “Walls”, “A River Flows” 
Festivals : BELNASH (Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival) 2018, 2017, 2015/ Sunflower Festival 2015/ Belfeast Artisan Festival/ Folktown Market
Belfast Shows: (Black Box, Sunflower Bar, Culture Night, The Barracks, Duke of York)
Collabs: Bird and Bramble/ Help Musicians NI/ Seedhead Arts/ Women in Music
Radio: BBC Ulster Gerry Kelly/ Blast FM/ The London Ear/ local UK, Irish and Australian Radio
PASSENGER (UK) Support gig 2012
Dawsons Songwriting Competition – Runner Up 2014
Olive Street EP – 2013